1. Why count days?

It's fun and unusual to know how many days you're married, busy, doing business, having a degree, a dream car, a house, or how many times you've experienced the sunrise.

2. Do I need an app for that?

You don't need to. Enough notebook, but does it work? You probably wouldn't be here.

3. It seems nonsense to us when we have birthdays and holidays. It is not enough?

Not for us. Try and see.

4. Can I set my own categories so that the list is not too long?

Yes. Just press the Settings button and you'll find it there.

5. Is it possible to turn off notifications?

We know why you're asking, so we left them off and you can turn them on wherever you want.

6. Do the calculations not agree with me?

That is right. The days that have passed do not count on today, because it is still in progress. That's why there are ordinal numbers.

7. Why is the application paid?

Because we didn't want to promise anyone that he had something for free and then resell his data, just like others do. We run the entire infrastructure for the application, and the few bucks are probably worth it.

You have 5 events for free and that should be enough for your loved ones.

8. What types of Events should I record?

It's a lot for you, but we can give you a strip of inspiration:

- birthday

- work achievements or educational attainment

- purchase of the first car or motorcycle

- sports achievements

- birthday of pets

- days that interest you

9. What are Anniversaries for?

There you can, for example, add photos or notes from the place of the celebration and it will no longer happen that you do not forget them. For connoisseurs, we also have a place where the celebration took place.

10. Are there other similar applications on the market?

They are, but ours is unique. Try the others and see.