Every day is something to celebrate when you can count it.

10,000 days, 8,888 days or just ordinary birthdays and holidays? Our app will remind you of everything, so you know what’s ahead.

About application

Time flies, but memories remain. Have you ever experienced a real surprise? Now you can surprise others and experience as many as you want. On our app count anniversaries in quirky ways like 7,777 days or 15,000 days. Surprise your partner, friend, family or regularly remember when you bought your first motorcycle.


You will never again feel the embarrassment of forgetting those dates you should not forget!

Most of us have already experienced embarrassment when we forgot about some Big Day in our circle of loved ones. Now you can stay one step ahead. Not only will you not forget, but you will be able to broaden the horizons of your loved ones and remind them that perhaps today is their round anniversary.


Create memories!

You can't forget when you’ve got it in your pocket! Birth of a child, personal records, first lovemaking, wedding, birthday or maybe the first motorcycle. You can choose which memories you want to keep.


Enjoy your Big Days!

You set for yourself how often you want to remember and you will have a helper in your pocket who will give you enough time to prepare the celebration as you wish. You are the one in control, even when time sometimes seems to try to catch you out.

How does it work?


You hardly have to lift a finger. Simply choose whether you want to use your FB or Google account or just your email address. Log in and the door to a world will open for you, where if you want, nothing will be as before. And, you have this in your pocket!


Add all your Big Days. You choose how often you want to celebrate them. You can choose whether it’s every 100, 500 or 1,000 days, or whenever. No need to worry. We haven't forgotten about ordinary annuals either. And for connoisseurs, we've also added a choice of the same numbers. You won't miss the 3,333 or 8,888-day celebration anymore. Save and we'll do the rest. You will hear "bzz, bzz" in your pocket in enough time to plan.


And here it is! Your big day has come. Remember, celebrate, and if you want, take a picture, write a note or a place where you celebrated. You'll appreciate it in a few years. Our app doesn't forget! You can lose your phone, but that's not a problem either. Log in from another and everything will be restored. What about your data? We don't sell your data to anyone. EVER! We will protect your data as our own.

Knot in the handkerchief

You won't need it anymore! The app will contact you as dates approach. In all cases, you can also add the selected anniversary to the calendar on your phone. You can thus see ahead if some work will spoil your joy.

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